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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Dominate using Cheat Engine

There was a code written for your engine using a hex key to speed up your resource gain by 45 seconds to the second.. the steps to take were as follows.Follow the steps below: 

Open the Game Battle Pirates 
Open cheat engine 
Click on the computer up-left, and in the windows that appears, Click on the last chrome.exe. Then, click on "enable speedhack", and if an error appears, select other chrome.exe of the windows. else, keep going 
Change 4 bytes to "Array of Bytes" 
Click on "Scan Read Only Memory" 
Put this Cheat Codes in the HEX field: 74 27 8B 45 E8 8B 50 08 8B 8A 3C 02 00 00 
Click on First Scan 
On the Left Side, Right click on the result that appears, and put "Dissasemble this Address" 
Change the first "je" that appears to "jg" 
Then Enjoy the Game! 

the cheat worked great and then there was an update to the game and it no longer works.. I was wondering if anybody could update the hex key or give guidance on how it works so maybe i could figure it out myself. If you could post here instructions or pm me the new code i would appreciate it, i will compensate your time accordingly. Also if you play this game and know how it works could there be a speed hack that speeds up the upgrading process too?

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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - The right weapons for your ships

They offer on Battle Pirates to allow you to brag to Facebook friends and family, and while I would like to brag, I don’t want to do it via Facebook. You see I have one friend who also plays Battle Pirates on Facebook. On the other hand, there are a good more amount of readers here, who might enjoy this.

I have only been playing for a week or so, but in my early days of playing, someone decimated my base. I took it upon myself to eradicate this person’s base in return. They haven’t come back, but I have managed to wipe out each and every structure – except a small wall. In exchange, I have received 300k worth of materials in the last battle (lifetime was about 600k). This isn’t what I am bragging about. No, in my own twisted way, I am bragging about being able to exceed the maximum amount of resources one fleet can carry, as shown in the image below.

As you can see, I managed to pull 328,101 out of a possible 157,410 cargo off this guy’s base. I managed to take a little over 200% of my actual carrying capacity. Below is a picture of my total haul. That Marauder which was almost destroyed (below), is the one you are given for free to man your first fleet. Once the defenses are out of the way, these do well taking out buildings quickly.

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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - A Salute to Varlin!

This is a salute to Varlin, who decided to attack my base. He wiped 41% of my buildings, stole 40k in resources, and provided me with a protection bubble which might have lasted for a few days, if I hadn’t decided to return the favor…

In the future, I hope that Varlin remembers that I hold grudges. You see, this was only my first sortie onto his base. I will be returning the protection bubble favor at least 2 more times. 

Tip: Careful who you attack. You might just open a can of worms and might not be able to get them all back in the can, without some negotiations and donations.

Tip: Some defenses are better then others. Learn which are more valuable and which buildings you should protect over others. – this will be a guide for a later day, so keep checking back, and please share this salute with others on facebook, myspace, and twitter.

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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - How to tell if you can beat an enemy fleet

This is actually a bit harder then something you can get a feel for by looking at a chart. You see level of the enemy is partially dependent upon the amount of battles they do. However the best way to find if you can beat an enemy, is to first scout and find their base, and then to watch to see which kinds of mines and salvage ships they are able to take out.
For example, I have Marauder ships, but by utilizing tactics I can take down level 5 salvage ships and level 7 mines (currently), at level 18 overall. So assuming I can take down level 7 mines and level 5 salvage ships, we can use this as a base line onto whether or not you will be able to take on the enemy, for an extended battle – meaning, you hit them, they hit you, and then back and forth till one of you stops.
The best way to see if you can take them on, would be to simply watch their fleets and determine whether or not you can take on the same level mines and salvage ships. If they often hit level 8 mines, and you have to send two or even three fleets to take on a level 8 mine, then this probably isn’t an enemy you want to challenge. The same holds true for the salvage ships. If you can barely survive a battle for a level 4 salvage ship, and your enemy takes on level 5s, then this probably isn’t an enemy you want to take on. If on the other hand, you take on higher level mines, and the enemy always goes towards lower level mines, then this is an indication of fleet strength.
However you should not confuse fleet strength with quantity of fleets. Some people like to show off their fleet “strength” by defending their base on the outside of their base. First off, this is both foolhardy and equally not well thought out. If I believe the enemy to be week – and offline – I will go ahead and take out the fleets first, then ravage the base. It might add some time onto my endeavor, but it won’t stop me from wiping you out and teaching you a lesson… repeatedly.
Tip: Remember, that the Fleet Master, which is shown might not represent the entire fleet. It could in fact be the highest ship within the fleet, with the rest of the ships being 1 or 2 tiers below it. Don’t be fooled with a show of strength, when someone defends on the outside.
If you don’t have the time to check the enemy constantly, then a good idea is to always take 2 from their base strength and use that to base on whether or not you can beat them. While I know I have some good tactics, the enemy might have better ones. By taking on a base 2 levels below me, I have a better chance of keeping him (or her) at bay.
Tip: Have a mine fleet and a base fleet. The mine fleet uses missiles and can take out enemy fleets, including Draconian fleets. The base fleet is more adept at taking out bases and missile defenses with mortar shots. A base fleet should have each ship holding at least 1 mortar gun.

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Building a better base

When it comes to this game, there is no best design, they can all be wrecked eventually, by a cunning force, with superior ships and microing skills. The best we can do, is to protect our most valuable resources, as best we can.

What are the most Valuable resources? The base and warehouses are your most valuable resources. It isn’t the mines, it isn’t your research platforms and ship building site. Rather it’s the warehouses which hold your resources, and your Outpost which takes a long time to rebuild. The rest of the crap isn’t worth much, because we can click on them and instantly heal them for free, in most cases. What might have been a 1-2 hour repair time, could end up being 15 minutes, if you build your base right, and protect certain assets.

Some people build one big island, and hope that the enemy won’t be able to reach them. Others build mazes, in the hopes of slowing down the enemy forces. Heck, I even tried a moat blocking inlets with oil rigs! Unfortunately, with mortar fire, the enemy simply takes out the guns sitting in the gauntlet and slowly moves in, to destroy the base and warehouses. 

So whats the perfect base design? As I stated, there isn’t any. However, using our knowledge of what weapons can do, as well as their reach, can help up to design a better trap.

The first thing you need to understand, is that a gun on a pedestal, can easily be taken down, when they are spread out, even if they are spaced evenly. The reason for this, is long range mortar fire. Now a buddy of mine told me that some guns, you can get right under and be out of LOS (Line of Sight) of the gun, and then take it out. While good in theory, it’s a bit difficult to actually achieve – getting under that gun’s range that is. 

So ignore the range limitations, when you are near the gun. Instead, what we want to do, is focus our energy at making the warehouses not only the farthest from any possible gun, but also placing walls around them and then also fortifying them. With the walls, we actually surround each one separately, and then fortify them. This is because we don’t want any splash damage. If you have your warehouses directly next to each other, and then also one wall surrounding them, when the one goes down, so will the rest. In fact, when one goes down, due to splash damage, the others might be also down 25%-50%.

Now, I mentioned a buddy earlier. He plays almost as much as me, he’s level 26 now, but he’s been that way for a while now, and I am slowly creeping up on him. As it is, however he taught me a way to build a defense, which seems to work the best. We do this with a moat, with one inlet, and then place directly inside the inlet all of our guns. The outer moat walls protect our guns and valuables, and the incoming ship(s) will have to deal with the guns, by actually entering the inlet. By using this method, and forcing the incoming ships to then go around only one way, we can set our guns to destroy any incoming ship.

We can choose one of two gun placements, should they make it past this gauntlet. We can either, load up on the guns, and hope they don’t make it past the inlet, or we can instead cover all the sections of the water, so that every single spot they can fire from is covered by one or more guns. Either way is acceptable, but in reality remember that if they do make it past the inlet, that it’s likely a superior force which will decimate our base anyways.

This is what happens, when your enemy, can’t get to your valuables…

I had over 500k of each resource, waiting in my base. My enemy was able to scavenge a little over 7k of resources. All in all this means by design is working so far…

Note that I would actually like to wrap the 3 guns into a greater then “>” shape near that inlet, but I do not yet have the land spaces available, with only my level 3 outpost. However, using the above shape, and using the oil rigs as slow downs, I am able to defeat most same level attackers.

My next upgrades will be to upgrade all the turrets and walls, and putting some defense upgrades on those oil rigs.

Tip: If you dont have enough of the correct facing walls, put them in sideways. They might not look as pretty, but they still work as solid walls.

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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE

It became horribly clear last night, when Varlin attacked my base, that some upgrades were in order. He managed to loot from me a record 20k oil (record for him anyways), damage 31% of my buildings, and extend my build time of my ship building by an additional 2.5 hours. He also extended my upgrade of my dock, by about 5 hours. Yes, Varlin hurt me bad!

So it’s time to upgrade. The first thing I did, was re-arrange my base a little bit. I moved some things around and made it so that my 8 turrets are all clumped together. While having 3 cover my base on the other side would help if they broke through – which he did, it didnt really allow me to optimize my turrets to cover my other turrets. By this, I mean anti-missile and anti-mortar defenses. So now, they are all next to each other – with some walls in-between to prevent splash damage of course. I also put some double walls up, in some areas. This will help protect against shots coming in, as well as give additional splash protection.

It was about this time that I also noticed my gun turrets weren’t quite upgraded. in fact I only had one which was upgraded. So I have spent some time upgrading them all, to be able to take more damage. Sadly, I also realized that while my tech has advanced, my guns also needed upgrading. Luckily, I have 7 more hours left on my bubble.

To get an idea on what each turret looks like, refer to this…

  • Howitzer Cannons, which shoot fast but have a short range,
  • Sentinel Missiles, which shoot slow but far,
  • Victory Mortars, which shoot slower and farther but can’t hit anything short-range,
  • Flak Guns, which shoot down Missiles and Rockets from ships – but not cannons or mortars, and
  • Bombard Rockets, which shoot down Mortars.

While I don’t yet have Victory Mortars, I think i have covered my base a bit better this time. More upgrades will come as I get more tech – really need to upgrade them walls!
… and no, I am not going to suddenly put ships on my defense. This simply wastes resources, as all the enemy has to do is take out the fleet while you are afk. Maybe if they made it auto-repair after a battle, but otherwise seems pointless.

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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Dual Screen Trick

If you use 2 screens, or just use multiple browser windows, it’s possible to always have the Map, as well as the Base views open at the same time. This won’t work if you have firewalls setup to block cookies however, so it might not work at some colleges or work places (like mine).

All you have to do, is right click on play, and select “open in new tab” or “open in new browser window” or something along those lines. Then use one of the windows to goto your base, while the other stays on the map.

What I like about this is not having to wait on load times, as both screens are readily handled. Also, might be possible to have one window for each fleet, but I haven’t tried this.

TIP: Don’t open requests to view fleet battles, when your base window is open. Simply switch to your other browser window and then open the battle as you normally would.

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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Keys to attacking someone else’s base

I am not going to go into targets here, if you have been reading my guides, you already know the targets to hit. Instead I am going to give you a few checkpoints, so you will be able to do more damage or acquire more loot.

I think the thing which is most often ignored is choosing an objective first. For example, do I want to loot my enemy, or do I want to disrupt him as much as possible? If I am going to loot an enemy, then obviously, the guns and warehouses are my target. If instead my goal is to interrupt his building and reasearching, then I want to attack the ship yard, and any research bases. Either way I choose to go, is going to likely put a bubble on my enemy, so I won’t be able to attack for another 8-16 hours.

The second thing we want to do, is take a small fleet into the base, and look at the layout, without doing any damage. This will allow us to help us decide which side to attack on. You will have a full 5 minutes to wander around and test it’s base defense strength. Look at which weapons it has in play, meaning missile batteries, mortars, missile defense, etc.

After you have gotten a good look, then go ahead and retreat. This will ensure that there is no bubble on the base, preventing any attacks. Now take your base attack fleet into the base.

TIP: The direction you attack from, will be the side which you attack from. So after having scouted, we know that if our target is on the upper right side, we would attack from the upper right side. This ensures no wasted time getting to the target.

Your base attack fleet, should be mostly mortars. I know that some people prefer missile, but with missiles, you need to get within range of your enemy. Mortars are much more effective base attack fleets. The good news, is that if you are attacking out of reach of the enemy, you don’t need heavy armor on the base attack fleet.

If your target is the warehouses, then make sure you get past those guns. It’s okay to split the forces a little, but it’s very important to keep them on the enemy’s guns. I highly recommend you manually do the picking. Take out mortars first, then missile batteries, then anything else which can reach your ships. The short range guns can be taken out last along with other targets. Once those guns are all down, go after the warehouses first, then any other priority targets next. You know what they are 

If your target is other high priority targets, then remember that on most cases only the outpost and warehouses are highly protected. So you should be able to attack from behind away from the guns. Try to spread your fleets out a bit, so you can do as much damage as possible. Make sure to hit the docks and shipyard if possible as well. The mines are the least of your priorities.

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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Rethinking Strategies, base design & defense

Last night, after talking with a friend, I decided to change a few of my strategies including base design, tactics, and general layout. I think for the most part, I found a winner.
First off, I now guard my base. I put up 4 fleets outside my base, all are armed to the teeth, so-to-speak. I do this, because if I don’t someone will just farm the base, without much thought about it. But when they attack, and their ships are severely damaged, or it takes 10+ minutes to get to me, and the entire attack, takes several hours, there is a good chance they will think again about attacking me.
Next I have re-thought my base design. I know the outpost takes forever to repair, but it’s because of the longer bubble of protection I get, that I put it on the outskirts of the base.
My base, now has a single entrance, so that ships need to go around my base, and into my “moat” and past my battery of weapons, to attack my warehouses. The weapons are inset a bit, to make it so they can’t attack from afar, having to come into weapon range to hit me.
I still have my walls dividing my warehouses, but only for splash damage, should my enemy actually get through. Rear walls aren’t necessary, since if they take out my weapons batteries, then walls wouldn’t help my warehouses that much more.
Oil rigs, still block the entrance. This is only meant to slow my attacker.
My mines, I have split up, so that if my enemy attacks them, he has to go around the entire base to wipe them all. This is so that I will have some resources (hopefully) afterwards, to start fixing my fleets. I don’t want all my metal mines in one spot to this end.
My outpost does have some walls around the edge. This is meant to forestall an attack on the outpost, take more time for the attacker.
I have also put in extra walls near the way facing an incoming ship, near my guns.
As you can see, I have been able to achieve a decent base design. This is based on all the land, walls, and turrets available to a level 3 outpost. There are a couple weak spots (not too weak), that I will reinforce, when I have more land.

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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Faster Resources Gathering trick

The obvious answer to faster mining, is to either attack others’ bases or higher level mines. However there is also a trick, to gain resources faster on the mines themselves. It’s a tactic you should be doing, once you start to get higher level, where mining might take 45 minutes to 2 hours even on high level mines.

It’s actually a simple trick, but involves having a strong fleet, which can attack mines over and over. And that is actually the trick – attack mines over and over (different ones), and collect the initial booty from attacking them. It’s the same as if you were attacking salvage, except that with salvage, you destroy the ship. So attack a high level mine, collect the initial booty, then goto the next mine and do the same thing.

Now it’s up to you on whether you want to release the mine, after it’s been conquered. If you release it, you might not know when you can conquer them again – but you can bookmark them so you know which have been attacked recently. If you don’t release them, you will know when the Draconians take them back, but there is a chance that someone else will start to mine them, keeping them from being taken back.

This is a much faster way to acquire your resources, and you get to choose which ones you want, rather then all 4 via salvage ships – plus you don’t get on anyone’s bad side.

TIP: If you follow this method, you don’t need to worry about being “mined” yourself, when others will attack your ships because they think you are afk and an easy target.

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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Boost your Production

Imagine increasing your Zynthium output by an extra 80% (or more). If you’ve got mines in your base, then this will help you to increase the output of those mines. 

Whenever you take an external mine, even just to attack it and release it for it’s resources, on the initial attack, you gain a small boost to your mining output. The percentage depends on the level of the mine, it’s 5% per level. So if you take a level 3 mine then the boost to your production would be 15%. A level 7 would be 35%. The great thing about these bonuses, is that they add up. So if you have 3 Oil rigs, each level 4, then you would get a 60% boost to your Oil production (4*3*5%).

So take all those mines near you, even if they are only level 1-3, and even if you don’t sit on them and mine them. Do NOT release them, until you are planning to be afk for 6-8 hours.

TIP:  If you have extra fleets sitting around, leave one near each Draconian base near you, to take those extra mines. Check on them every 20 minutes or so.

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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Stop being griefed while mining

It’s an annoying thing, being farmed while you’re mining. Or worse, when you’re almost done filling up on a resource after mining for the last hour or so. However it does happen. Sometimes your enemy even knows that you are the perfect subject, as he might have searched for your base, or test attacked you. So here’s a way, to hide your identity while mining, and stop the griefing .

This trick, will allow you to hide your name, in this way, your enemy will not know who he will be attacking, and if he will be making any new enemies. Often, this tactic works best with your highest ship at the flagship.

                                                                           Success !!

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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - When to mix weapons on ships

In Battle Pirates, there are only a couple times you should be mixing weapons on any ship. The first is when you are first starting out, and haven’t learned the benefits of Microing. Microing, is when you take control of each ship, rather then letting the AI do it for you, because we all know the AI sends them straight to their doom… or rare occasional victory.

If I let a fleet simply use the AI, and send it to take on a level 5 salvage with my 3 Levis and 2 BBs, then I will beat them as I am outgunning them. However, I will likely lose 1-2 ships. This is because the AI does not do what I do, which is to send the long ranges on either side, and the short range down the middle among their fleets which have long range and not short range. This is the consequence of having unmixed weapons.

The same thing can happen to you, if you have unmixed weapons and are guarding your base with a fleet. This is the second time you want to mix weapons, that is to say when you are afk and guarding your base. Why? Because those microing tactics won’t work. You try to send your long range fleets to either side and your short range down the middle, and soon find that the enemy grouped ships can take them both on. Your only advantage might be that they don’t use missile based weapons and have instead mortars (which don’t follow your ships).

Other then these 2 incidents, it’s much safer to have all the same weapons, or similar weapons on your ships. So I could have mixed mortars if I wanted, but missile and mortars isn’t a good combo. If you have an AI controlling, even a small amount, then the mortars will be used, and the missiles won’t be used. So a better choice would be all missiles or all mortars – though if you aren’t attacking other bases then you want to stay away from mortars, because the enemy is going to move towards you, making the mortars useless. Instead we want all missiles or short range weapons when taking on the AI Draconian enemy. This might be Thuds and Rippers for short range and some type of Missile based for long range. You can see the DPS of each fleet weapons, to compare here.

Overall, until you can train Maelstrom Rockets 4, then Ripper Cannons are going to do the most DPS short range. For long range, you will want to progress from Rapiers to Cutlass missiles. Don’t forget your Barrel Extenders and Engines for short Range, and Auto-Loaders for your long range.

TIP: If you plan to refit your ships, do one weapon at a time, don’t do a massive all at once upgrade. It won’t save you any time, and takes that one ship out of commission for a long time. Instead upgrade sporadically so that your ship will again be available every couple hours. If you plan to be afk for a few days then it’s a safe bet to do an all at once upgrade. 

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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Splash Damage, what it means on Defense

Splash damage, is when an explosive round damages the other buildings (or ships), other then what was targeted. What this means is that when a building is next to a wall, and the wall received damage, then so does the building.

It’s because of splash damage, that we want to move our buildings and turrets slightly away from the walls, and slightly away from each other. In defense, this means placing walls to hide your guns, possibly 1-2 rows of them, slightly divided, for maximum damage deflection.

When you are dealing with limited space, this is a bit difficult to work with, and you might be forced to have your walls next to each other. However, whenever possible it’s best to not surround buildings with walls, unless there is space between them. As well as not to have walls around turrets, but rather to block in incoming attack, and move the turret slightly away from them, offsetting the turret from the wall. This will make the base a little less uniform, but provide better defense.

While the picture below doesn’t show exactly how the placement of the walls should also be separated, it does show a better placement of the turrets, to avoid splash damage.

TIP: Walls do not need to be uniform on one side, to offer the best protection. If some walls are sideways and some are the other way, they will still present a uniform defense.

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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Revenge!

I really want to thank Varlin, for leaving me with the opportunity to get revenge for attacking my base. You see Varlin is an opportunist, who has never managed to breach my inner sanctum, but he keeps trying. It’s kind of like a candy store, he goes to look in the windows, but has yet to actually buy anything. Yesterday, he attacked again, and the only way he managed to do any damage to the warehouses, was to use a rocket on my base.

And then he did something he has done in the past, which I didn’t take the opportunity to f*** him up, till now. He Bubbled his base, and then he left his fleets out, for when the bubble goes down. 

Now to set the scene, it’s not just my base he attacks, in fact he attacks many other person’s out and around my sector. Varlin isn’t from my sector, so telling him he shouldn’t attack us, since we work together at times, wouldn’t work. Being that he’s in another sector makes it so we can’t tell him anything.

TIP: Don’t leave your fleets out, to protect your base, when your bubble goes down. If you want to leave something, leave a Mercenary Fleet behind instead. 

So this time, when his fleets were left out (BBs and Marauders), I took them out. In fact, I took out 5 of his fleets, with 6 of mine. It meant that I would have a longer repair time then him, but this is a necessary evil. You see I want Varlin to understand that attacking my base has consequences.

Sure, I could probably wait for his bubble to go down too, so that I could attack him, but I was tired and needed some sleep. So instead, I shared the information with others. I told them that I had taken out all the fleets, and that when his bubble dropped, he would be open for attack. I shared it with people in my zone, I shared it with people who are my allies.

TIP: Just because the guy you attack over and over doesn’t attack back, doesn’t mean he can’t. It simply means he doesn’t want to bother with you. However it doesn’t mean he won’t attack if you keep buzzing him like an annoying bee. If at first you don’t succeed, don’t keep trying, just let it bee.

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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Revenge Raid 2 & Base Moves now available

With the Revenge Raid 2 coming in a couple days, Battle Pirates has gone ahead and opened up Base Moves again. Should you do it? Thats a question people are wondering about. Should you move near your friends, should they move near you?

It really comes down to who has the strongest support network. For example, if I am attacked, I have 4 friends within my sector who will keep that other person in check, by attacking them. And of course the same goes for them, I will help defend their interests and attack those who attack them. If I goto my friend’s area, but he doesn’t have a strong support network, then I am going to a weaker area for me. This will in turn be a bad thing, since I am likely to be attacked several times over the next couple weeks.

Why will you be attacked in a new sector? Everyone will want to check out your base, see if you have friends, see if you are an easy farming target. 

So the next question, is should you move within your sector. The answer is simply no. If you move, you aren’t guaranteed to go with your friends, you might go farther away. If you go farther away, then it’s likely that the same scenario will take place. Nearby neighbors will start attacking you. There is a chance that the move will be severely detrimental to your defenses.

There are only a couple reasons you should move. First, you should move, if you do not have a strong support network, and your friend does have one. Also, you should move if you are constantly under attack, and aren’t able to defend yourself – because you have that weak defense network.

There is one thing which I do not know about the move… if you move will you be able to move back?

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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Attacking enemy bases, where it hurts the most

As you get higher in level, you will notice that as you attack the enemy, they have Bombard Rockets, to defend against mortar rounds. You will also start to notice that other then this, they will usually have mortars and rockets but what they don’t have is Flac Guns. This is where we can attack them where it hurts the most.

Flac guns actually protect against missle attacks, but most people attack with mortars, making missiles obsolete in attacks and in turn Flac Guns obsolete, and thus rarely used for base defense. So what you might consider doing is making an all missile attack fleet, maybe Cutlass missiles with laser targetting and hardened barrels (range extension). This in turn will allow you to wipe out their defences, since that won’t actually be able to defend against this kind of attack. 

Keep in mind you don’t want to send this fleet in to attack an enemy base first, unless it’s to scout. If the enemy defends his base with Flac guns, then just send in your mortar fleet. If they don’t have any flac guns, then it would be safe to send in this all missile fleet. Just remember though, they DO need to have high armor, in case getting close also allows the base to attack them in turn – though with the Hardened Barrels (range extension) this might not be necessary depending on the range extension.

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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Zone Attacks! Attack and Defensive tips

Maybe you have heard of them, maybe you haven’t. A zone attack is when a group from one zone, attacks the next zone over, either the north or the south. It’s when all hell breaks loose, and one zone suffers immensely. If the zone attacks in retaliation onto the zone which attacked them, then the zone is alerted and they decimate the retaliating base.

This wasn’t the entire zone gathering, and I can assure you, that more came later. But it’s an indication of what can happen when a normally peaceful zone gets together and decides to attack another.

So here’s a few tips for both sides of a zone attack…


Attack everything and everyone. Attack every level fleet which is out, and attack every base which is nearby in your range (above or below 5 levels).

If you are attacked, let people know in zone chat who attacked you and their coords.

If you are attacked in the week following, let your alliance know, so that they can hit them over and over to teach them a lesson.


If you see one of these attacks coming in, have someone put a bubble on you immediately, then start attacking the fleets attacking. If you don’t have a friend which can do it, pay for a 24 hour bubble
You can get right next to a fleet which is attacking someone else, and wait for them to leave combat. Once they do, instantly attack them. If they are weakened you might be able to grab resources or at least wipe out their fleet.

If you have no one near you, which will bubble you, then go ahead and move your base. Goto your Outpost and select Relocate. You can move in the zone, to a random spot, or out of the zone temporarily.

If you are feeling adventurous and are online when they are attacking, go down and attack their bases. They will be mostly undefended. Just remember to move your base once you finish attacking them.

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