Monday, 23 April 2012

Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Dual Screen Trick

If you use 2 screens, or just use multiple browser windows, it’s possible to always have the Map, as well as the Base views open at the same time. This won’t work if you have firewalls setup to block cookies however, so it might not work at some colleges or work places (like mine).

All you have to do, is right click on play, and select “open in new tab” or “open in new browser window” or something along those lines. Then use one of the windows to goto your base, while the other stays on the map.

What I like about this is not having to wait on load times, as both screens are readily handled. Also, might be possible to have one window for each fleet, but I haven’t tried this.

TIP: Don’t open requests to view fleet battles, when your base window is open. Simply switch to your other browser window and then open the battle as you normally would.

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