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Battle Pirates Cheats Guide - Keys to attacking someone else’s base

I am not going to go into targets here, if you have been reading my guides, you already know the targets to hit. Instead I am going to give you a few checkpoints, so you will be able to do more damage or acquire more loot.

I think the thing which is most often ignored is choosing an objective first. For example, do I want to loot my enemy, or do I want to disrupt him as much as possible? If I am going to loot an enemy, then obviously, the guns and warehouses are my target. If instead my goal is to interrupt his building and reasearching, then I want to attack the ship yard, and any research bases. Either way I choose to go, is going to likely put a bubble on my enemy, so I won’t be able to attack for another 8-16 hours.

The second thing we want to do, is take a small fleet into the base, and look at the layout, without doing any damage. This will allow us to help us decide which side to attack on. You will have a full 5 minutes to wander around and test it’s base defense strength. Look at which weapons it has in play, meaning missile batteries, mortars, missile defense, etc.

After you have gotten a good look, then go ahead and retreat. This will ensure that there is no bubble on the base, preventing any attacks. Now take your base attack fleet into the base.

TIP: The direction you attack from, will be the side which you attack from. So after having scouted, we know that if our target is on the upper right side, we would attack from the upper right side. This ensures no wasted time getting to the target.

Your base attack fleet, should be mostly mortars. I know that some people prefer missile, but with missiles, you need to get within range of your enemy. Mortars are much more effective base attack fleets. The good news, is that if you are attacking out of reach of the enemy, you don’t need heavy armor on the base attack fleet.

If your target is the warehouses, then make sure you get past those guns. It’s okay to split the forces a little, but it’s very important to keep them on the enemy’s guns. I highly recommend you manually do the picking. Take out mortars first, then missile batteries, then anything else which can reach your ships. The short range guns can be taken out last along with other targets. Once those guns are all down, go after the warehouses first, then any other priority targets next. You know what they are 

If your target is other high priority targets, then remember that on most cases only the outpost and warehouses are highly protected. So you should be able to attack from behind away from the guns. Try to spread your fleets out a bit, so you can do as much damage as possible. Make sure to hit the docks and shipyard if possible as well. The mines are the least of your priorities.

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